All About Red Fife Flour

Our pancakes at Kosy Korner are prepared with Red Fife Flour. Red fife is a type of wheat first planted in Lakefield, Ontario, by David Fife in 1842. It quickly became known for its ability to adapt to a variety of growing conditions, became the first named wheat in Canada, and was the industry standard for baking and milling for 40 years. Although Red Fife contains the two wheat gluten proteins that trigger reactions in gluten sensitive people, the proteins’ cellular structure is different from modern wheat (making it more digestible) and is present in much lower quantities. It’s a heritage wheat that is free from Genetically Modified Organisms.

We buy our Red Fife Flour from Abbey Gardens, right here in Haliburton, where they use an Austrian hand built, precision grain mill to process Red fife. You will never taste better breads or baked goods than those made from the wheat that is ground at The Food Hub @ Abbey Gardens. This grain mill represents a commitment to a secure and sustainable food supply in Haliburton County. Kosy Korner is proud to partner with such an amazing local business.

Red Fife Flour

Red Fife Wheat
A Heritage Grain with Ontario Roots

Abbey Gardens